Rudyard Kipling

correspondence of Henry Oldenburg



Type faces in use at the Curwen Press.

slow learning program in the elementary and secondary schools

Polyphonic composition

Supplementary guide for the revised Stanford-Binet scale (form L)

A rogue of my own

Readings in philosophy

Employment and manpower profile

Thirty years of labor, 1859-1889.

Synopsis of 1983-4 agricultural legislation and proposed regulations

From inland and other poems

U.S. intergovernmental personnel grants, New York City Personnel Department, Fire Department, and Health Services Administration.

Newsprint, a problem for democracy

Graphical method for estimating occurrence and duration of a critical low flow in the Sacramento River at Freeport, California

IBM Tivoli storage manager

Freaks and marvels of insect life.

Forewords and other words.

The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines

A treatise on the deed of entail

U.S. censuses of population and housing, 1960.

War thoughts of a civilian.

finality of Jesus Christ.

Mortality determinants in acute stroke.

Memorial to Gen. U. S. Grant. Letter from the Acting Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting copy of a communication from the Secretary of War of the 25th ultimo submitting a proposed paragraph of legislation for inclusion in the sundry civil bill for the fiscal year 1918.

Indonesia Infrastructure Summit, January 2005.

Modern Factories in Concrete

Developing self-esteem for students

Failure reporting and management techniques in the Surveyor Program

Mystic Path to Cosmic Power

Looking Through My Window

wall of glass.

International direct marketing

Trees of Missouri

Tennis A to Z


New English broadsides

Charts and plates to La Perousés voyage.

Letter to the Hon. Secretary of the Treasury.


The Hollywood Movie Music Directory

The secret policy of the Jansenists; and the present state of the Sorbon

British Economic Thought in the 19th Century (History of British Economic Thought)

Acropolis of Athens

Court and country 1688-1702

Keeping well and getting better

United States courts at Ocala.

Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities


Evaluation of advanced regenerator systems

Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act

Economic growth in postwar Russia

Observations or notes upon the writings of the ancients, upon the materials which they used, and upon the introduction of the art of printing ...

The Young clerks tutor, enlarged

Asger Jorn

Cannock and Hednesford

Women workers and the law

Navy Command and Control

Science Is...

Amendment to Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1944

Planning Transportation Services for Handicapped Persons

And so we began

Light lowering in diminished sevenths

How I teach better athletics

Academic-industrial collaboration in engineering research

war that never was.


Drugs & Violence In America... Proceedings Of The Inaugural Symposium On Crime and Punishment In The United States... U.S. Sentencing Commission... June 16 - 18, 1993

Preferential option

Loves philosophy

Spring migration in the western Mediterranean and NW Africa


Words & places

Bibliography of Kauṭilīya Arthaśāstra

Environmental assessment sampling and analysis

history of television

Brief Edn Calc with Analyt Geom -Wb/31

On the composition of the medallions in the interiors of Greek black- and red-figures kylixes

When Santa turned green


Adhesion of solids

August Rutishauser letters, 1903-1904

Knoxville, summer 1915

origin, history and services of the C. P. S..

The process for identifying needs and establishing requirements for major weapon systems in the Department of Defense.

Alternative zur Teilung

Focus on young people in the south west inner city with special reference to the needs of young people at risk

Parallel computing using a Lagrangian formulation

MTNA book of policies, letters and forms.

Wallaby gold

Soviet-Eastern European Research and Training Act of 1983